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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August Answering this quiz is a wonderful solution to enhance your general knowledge, and by doing it every day for 2 minutes, you can win amazing free prizes. So take this quiz seriously; we’ve already included the correct answers along with a play button.

So, today’s Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August – Win ₹15,000 Question has been solved, and the quiz has been made live. By participating in the Quiz Contest, you can win a free ₹15000 Pay Balance. Because the competition is based on chance, you could win or lose, but providing right answers will almost surely increase your chances of winning. As a result, we’ve devised a method for you to receive free products simply by answering properly.

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Quiz Answer Details:

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August
Total QuestionsFive (5)
PrizeWin ₹15,000
Contest Period11 August, 2021
Winner Announcement (Check Here)

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August – Win ₹15,000 : Inshorts

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  • Answer 1: (D) – Queen Elizabeth
  • Answer 2: (B) – Darnella Frazier
  • Answer 3: (A) – Led Zeppelin
  • Answer 4: (B) – Red Baron
  • Answer 5: (D) – Spain

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August – Win ₹15,000

Question 1: Launched in 2021, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy of UK is named after whom?

Answer 1: (D) – Queen Elizabeth

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Question 2: Pulitzer Prize 2021 gave a specal citation to which young woman who took out her cellphone to record the killing of George Floyd?

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Answer 2: (B) – Darnella Frazier

Question 3: A recently discovered frog species found in the Andes Mountains has been named after which famous band?

Answer 3: (A) – Led Zeppelin

Question 4: What was the nickname of the German fighter pilot who became famous for flying a plane like this in World War I?

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Answer 4: (B) – Red Baron

Question 5: This dance form originated from which country?

Answer 5: (D) – Spain

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Latest Quiz Answers – 21 October, 2021

  1. Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 August – Win ₹15,000

  2. Answer 1: (D) – Queen Elizabeth

  3. Answer 2: (B) – Darnella Frazier

  4. Answer 3: (A) – Led Zeppelin

  5. Answer 4: (B) – Red Baron

  6. Answer 5: (D) – Spain
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